Join the Our NEW & Improved PawClub Rewards and enjoy a unique way to save! It’s absolutely free. Stop by the store and ask one of our team members how to sign up. It’s Simple. Everyone at Pets Earth appreciates the loyalty of our customers and this is one of our ways to show our gratitude and thanks!

Required Customer Information:

  • Customers Full Name (First and Last)
  • Phone Number (Acts as Customer’s Account Number)
  • Email (Optional) – Benefits Include:
    • Exclusive Promotions
    • Newsletters and Educational Info
    • Updates Relating Pets Earth
    • Direct & Early Access To Info

Benefits of the PawClub:


Frequent Buyer Cards: We honor many Supplier/Manufacturer Frequent Buyer Programs. General Rule: Vast majority of Supplier’s Frequent Buyers are segmented per species (dog or cat). Some exclusions may apply. Please ask a crew member about details.

Loyalty-Point System: Point-System is on retail items only (majority of retail items apply, some exclusions may apply). No points are awarded on any service(s), Bakery +Kitchen items, and products that are related to Frequent Buyer Programs.

  • 1 Point for every Dollar spent. For Every 100 Points: Members Earn $4. Good towards Loyalty-Point Related Retail items.


Self-Serve Wash Frequent Buyer: Bathing your dog in our Self-Serve Wash, every 7th wash is FREE. Excludes any specially priced washes.

Features of the PawClub:

  • Paperless Tracking. We track everything for you.
  • Automation and Redeeming Rewards: Get instant/same day Rewards. No more turn-around time.
  • Can look up past purchase history. Great for looking up previous purchases if you have forgotten what you had purchased previously.
  • Save Financially.
PLEASE NOTE: All personal information obtained by Pets Earth is for internal use only and will never be sold to another person or party. Loyalty-Points are only awarded on select retail items and not on any related services of Pets Earth. All benefits and features of PawClub Rewards is subject to change at any time.


Self Serve Wash Bakery Grooming